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Alternative forms[edit]


accuminate (comparative more accuminate, superlative most accuminate)

  1. Tapering to a point.
    • 1897, Columbia University. Dept. of Botany, Contributions from the Department of Botany of Columbia University[1]:
      In both species the anthers show a shade more color than the petals. The flowers differ further in the sepals, which in Canadeuse are more accuminate, and in the bractlets of the calyx, which are rather larger in flavum.



accuminate (third-person singular simple present accuminates, present participle accuminating, simple past and past participle accuminated)

  1. To taper to a point.
    • 1810, The American mineralogical journal[2], volume 1:
      Sometimes the bevelling planes stretch so far towards the apex of the crystal that the accuminating planes are scarcely visible.
    • 1906, Royal Society of South Australia, Transactions[3], volume 30:
      The merus joints are oblong, shorter than the ischium, with the distal fourths quickly accuminating to obtuse median apices, beneath which the carpal joints are articulated, only a portion of them being exposed.