acquaintance rape

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acquaintance +‎ rape




acquaintance rape (countable and uncountable, plural acquaintance rapes)

  1. Rape by someone known to the victim, such as date rape, marital rape, or rape by a teacher or supervisor.
    • 1990. Maine Department of Public Safety,
      Acquaintance rape: he's your friend--and he could rape you
    • 1991, Andrea Parrot, ‎Laurie Bechhofer, Acquaintance Rape: The Hidden Crime:
      Aquaintance rape has become prevalent partly because these attitudes are so pervasive.
    • 1993. "Rape: The Misunderstood Crime"
      Unique Qualities of Acquaintance Rape Compared to rapes by strangers
    • 1999. Andrea Parrot,
      Coping with date rape and acquaintance rape