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acro- +‎ -pathy


acropathy (plural acropathies)

  1. Any disease specific to the extremities.
    • 1908, Reference Handbook of the Medical Sciences:
      Kahane himself, however, finally gives as his own opinion that it should be ranked among the acropathies, which he defines as those affections which are localized in the peripheral parts of the limbs and as the ultimate basis of which are assumed lesions of a vasomotor nature.
    • 1992, Samuel L. Moschella & Harry J. Hurley, Dermatology - Volume 2, page 1591:
      Patients with Graves' disease infrequently have acropathy consisting of digital "drumstick" clubbing of fingers or toes and subperiosteal newborn formation.
    • 2001, Thomas T. Provost & John A. Flynn, Cutaneous Medicine, →ISBN:
      Of patients with pretibial myxedema, only 7% develop acropathy.