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acrosst (not comparable)

  1. (obsolete or dialectal) across
    • 1923, Irvin Shrewsbury Cobb, From Place to Place[1], ↑ISBN:
      Emily steps back behind a rope that a couple of hands stretches acrosst the stage; and then a couple more hands shoves a wooden runaway acrosst the orchestra rail …
    • 2003, September Black, Run Naked in the Wind[2], iUniverse, ↑ISBN, page 110:
      Up and down them hills and hollers and out acrosst that Injun country, like the devil was after 'em.



  1. (obsolete) across
    • 2006, J. Marie Darden, Finding Dignity[3], Simon and Schuster, ↑ISBN, page 107:
      Their family worked the land behind that horse farm acrosst from where your great-grannie and all us used to live.