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actino- +‎ -morphy



actinomorphy (uncountable)

  1. The condition of being actinomorphic.
    • 2015 July 3, Zhi-Jing Qiu et al., “Origin and evolution of Petrocosmea (Gesneriaceae) inferred from both DNA sequence and novel findings in morphology with a test of morphology-based hypotheses”, in BMC Plant Biology[1], volume 15, →DOI:
      In addition, the floral morphological diversification in Petrocosmea involves several evolutionary phenomena, i.e. evolutionary successive specialization from clade A to clade C, reversal from clade C to clade E as well as within clade C, parallel evolution reflected by the parallel branches switching to moderate zygomorphy or almost actinomorphy in clade C, and convergent evolution demonstrated by floral similarity between some branches in clades C and E.