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From actino- +‎ therapy.


actinotherapy (uncountable)

  1. (medicine) The treatment of disease, especially skin disease, by exposure to ultraviolet light; radiotherapy.
    • 1917, Charles Herman Viol, William Herron Cameron, Radium, Volumes 9-10, page 8,
      I shall discuss in the following chapter the underlying principles and indications of actinotherapy in each of the diseases enumerated.
    • 1946, Radiological Society of North America, Radiology[1], volume 47, page 209:
      The author reports a series of 160 cases of peritoneal and genital tuberculosis in the female, about half of which were treated by actinotherapy and heliotherapy, while the other half were given radiotherapy.
    • 1994, G. David Baxter, Costas Diamantopoulos, Therapeutic Lasers: Theory and Practice, page 5,
      Apart from tuberculosis and open wounds, the other main indication found for actinotherapy was rickets.

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