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adamance (uncountable)

  1. The quality of being adamant
    • 1972, Hansard, House of Lords, 2 February, 1972, [1]
      I think it is a mistake for our intentions to be determined by the adamance with which the Protestants in Northern Ireland now express their opposition to such a course.
    • 1992, Arthur Miller, "Homely Girl, A Life" in Homely Girl, A Life and Other Stories, New York: Viking, 1995, p. 28,
      [] his witty eyes and unsmiling mouth, some adamance in his unspoken demand on her, and his quiet speech that day—it all seemed to be solemnly taking charge of her body.
    • 2015, The Citizen, 9 September, 2015, [2]
      The ANC government came under fire on Tuesday as opposition parties voiced their adamance that the President Jacob Zuma-led government was responsible for ongoing corruption in the country.