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adamitism (uncountable)

  1. Rare form of Adamitism.
    • 1934, Kamil Krofta & ‎Jiří Hoetzel, A Short History of Czechoslovakia, page 42:
      The spreading of novel teachings, often radical in character and at times even eccentric — chiliasm, adamitism, abuse of the sacrament of the altar — did not cease, however
    • 1976, The Municipal Attorney - Volume 17, page 120:
      It shall be unlawful for any person to procure, to offer, or to engage in any act of adamitism, anilingus, beastiality, cunnilingus, coprophilia, fellation, flagellation, frottage, masturbation, sexual intercourse, sodomy, or urolagnia for any financial consideration or reward.
    • 1978, Bulgarian historical review:
      At the same council were condemned also the preachers of adamitism
    • 1982, Chris Ramon Vanden Bossche, Revolution and Authority, page 102:
      Although his voice sometimes takes on a cutting edge when he disparages "adamitism'" or Teufelsdrockh ' s love affair, it is more difficult to see the Editor as a true ironist, destroying outworn notions, than it is to see the philosopher in that role.