add fuel to fire

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add fuel to fire

  1. Alternative form of add fuel to the fire.
    • 1859, Pye Henry Chavasse, Advice to a Mother on the Management of Her Offspring, 6th edition, London: John Churchill, New Burlington Street, page 97:
      Depend upon it, there is always a cause for want of appetite; [] inflammation may be in the system, food would then be improper, as it would only add fuel to fire: therefore, let the cause be an over-worked stomach, overloaded bowels, fever, or inflammation, food will be injurious.
    • 1867 October, “‘Our Van.’ The Invoice.—September Scrapings.”, in Baily's Magazine of Sports and Pastimes‎, volume XIV, number 92, London: A. H. Baily & Co., Cornhill, page 50:
      We have no wish to add fuel to fire, and perhaps the whole circumstance of Pastorelle cutting such a very different figure to what she did on the first day was purely accidental.