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From Latin adiuvatum, variant of adiutus, perfect passive participle of adiuvo.


adjuvate (third-person singular simple present adjuvates, present participle adjuvating, simple past and past participle adjuvated)

  1. To help; to further
    • 1553, Thomas Wilson, “An ynkehorne letter” in The Arte of Rhetorique, printed by Richard Grafton, fol. 86
      ...I doubt not but you will adiuvate suche poore adnichilate orphans as whilom were condisciples with you, and of antique family in Lincolnshire.
    • 1756, H. G. Krog, H. H. V. Castoniers, F. C. Hoyer, and J. H. Gille, Letter to the Governer and his Council at Fort St. George, Records of Fort St. George. Diary and consultation book ... 1752-1756, Govt. Press (Madras: 1984), 216–217:
      For this reason we make known this unto you as friends and Allies in Europa, to the end that you not at all in the least manner with assist this Heathens against us being a Christian Nation, but rather adjuvate us to forward our rightious weapons against this unhuman people.

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  1. second-person plural present active imperative of adjuvō