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adventure game (plural adventure games)

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  1. (video games) A computer or video game of the genre characterized by investigation, exploration, puzzle-solving, interaction with game characters, and a focus on narrative rather than reflex-based challenges.
    • 1984, Living Guide to Spectrum Software: Adventure Games (in Crash magazine, issue 4, May 1984)
      Phipps have put together a well planned and sometimes amusing adventure game here, with text and location graphics, which are simple but attractive.
    • 2010, Richard Rouse III, Game Design: Theory and Practice, Second Edition:
      The critics of adventure games are quick to point out that, really, adventure games are not games at all, but merely a series of puzzles strung together with bits of story between them. The puzzles, regardless of their form, serve as locked doors []
    • 2011, Sue Blackman, Beginning 3D Game Development with Unity, page 6:
      Undoubtedly a force in the early days of the graphical adventure game genre was LucasArts. With an army of professional film personnel from which to draw, LucasArts titles gained a huge reputation for outstanding storytelling []


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