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Apparently back-formation from inadvertent.

Latin advertent-, advertens, present participle of advertere, from the verb adverto (I give or draw attention to)


advertent (comparative more advertent, superlative most advertent)

  1. Attentive.
    • 1828, Matthew Hale, David Young, On the Knowledge of Christ Crucified: And Other Divine Contemplations, page 227
      Is he rich, prosperous, great? yet he continues safe, because he continues humble, watchful, advertent, lest he should be deceived and transported
  2. Not inadvertent; intentional.
    • 1963, Philippine Law Journal, page 442
      There is such thing as advertent negligence in which the harm is foreseen as possible or probable.
    • 1998, Keith John Michael Smith, Lawyers, Legislators and Theorists: Developments in English Criminal Law, page 283
      Until the 1950s, for judges both the conceptual and terminological identification of advertent risk taking — subjective recklessness — often lay submerged within the amorphous notion of 'malice' [....]

Usage notes[edit]





  1. third-person plural future active indicative of advertō