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aecial (not comparable)

  1. (mycology) Of, pertaining to, or resembling an aecium.
    • 1984, D. E. Harder, 11: Developmental Ultrastructure of Hyphae and Spores, William Bushnell, Alan P. Roelfs (editors), The Cereal Rusts: Origins, Volume I: Specificity, Structure, and Physiology, page 355,
      In the inner wall facing the aecial cavity, the primary wall materials surrounding the processes disintegrate, partially exposing them.
    • 1996, George Newcombe, Chapter 10: The specificity of fungal pathogens of Populus, Reinhard Friedrich Stettler (editor), Biology of Populus and Its Implications for Management and Conservation, page 226,
      Aecial hosts are primarily conifers. Damage to some aecial hosts may also be considered important, as in pine twist rust caused by M.[Melampsora] pinitorqua Rostrup.
    • 1998, G. Rangaswami, A. Mahadevan, Diseases of Crop Plants in India, 4th Edition, page 192,
      The uredo- and teleuto-stages occur on wheat, barley and some grasses and the pycnidial and aecial stages on species of Berberis and Mahonia, the alternate hosts.

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