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Alternative forms[edit]


From Latin aēneus (made of copper or bronze).


aeneous (comparative more aeneous, superlative most aeneous)

  1. Bronze-colored.
    • 1865, Thomas Vernon Wollaston, Coleoptera Atlantidum: Being an Enumeration of the Coleopterous Insects of the Madeiras, Salvages, and Canaries[1], page 16:
      They are unquestionably distinct from the B. velatus, — being not only more æneous and metallic, with their pubescence even coarser still, and of a much more golden hue, but their entire punctation is deeper and (particularly on the head) less dense [] .
    • 1888, Zoological Society of London, Proceedings[2], page 374:
      The normal colour of the whole upper surface is rich metallic green, in some examples having a more æneous or golden-green tint.
    • 1906, Lewis Campbell Bruce, Studies in Clinical Psychiatry, page 167:
      It is useful to combine with each dose of the bromides 2-5 mins. of liquor arsenicalis, or 2-5 grs. of salol, which tend to diminish the symptoms of bromism, the most characteristic of which are aeneous eruptions on the forehead, face, and back, alimentary disorders, and mental lethargy.
    • 1909, Entomological Society of Canada, The Canadian Entomologist[3], volume 41, page 279:
      The female is larger, more convex, more coarsely sculptured, paler and more æneous in lustre and with the prothorax less transverse and more narrowed anteriorly.
    • 1912, Queensland Museum, Memoirs of the Queensland Museum, Volumes 1-2, page 152,
      Very similar to australiensis but the postmarginal vein absent, the thorax more aeneous and more deeply punctate, umbilicately punctate, the scape is metallic only at the middle portions, the ends white and the grooves on each side of the median carina of propodeum are shallower.
    • 1988, Australian Entomological Magazine, Volumes 12-17, page 91,
      [] the colour is more aeneous overall and lacks the blue reflections; [] .