aerial ping pong

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A reference to the football going up and down the ground by long high kicks. (Reference: Australian National Dictionary Centre at the Australian National University).


aerial ping pong (uncountable)

  1. (sometimes derogatory, sometimes humorous) Australian rules football.
    1965: 'Australian Rules draws bigger crowds in Melbourne than Rugby in Sydney.' 'What?' Sydney Sam would say, 'that's not football, mate, it's aerial ping-pong.' Frank Hardy, The Yarns of Billy Borker page 43, quoted in G. A. Wilkes, A Dictionary of Australian Colloquialisms, second edition, 1985, Sydney University Press, →ISBN.

Usage notes[edit]

Used by supporters of other football codes, usually being people from states of Australia where Australian rules is not the dominant code, usually people from New South Wales and Queensland where Rugby League and Rugby Union are the dominant football codes, (or, in the past, where it was not played at all). Fans of Australian rules do not use the term themselves.