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affulgence (countable and uncountable, plural affulgences)

  1. Alternative form of effulgence
    • 1794, James Thomson & Giambattista Bodoni, The Seasons, page 59:
      Thy System rolls entire; from the far bourne Of utmost Saturn, wheeling wide his round Of thirty years; to Mercury, whose disk Can scarce be caught by philosophic eye, Lost in the near affulgence of thy blaze.
    • 1821, Religio Clerici: two epistles by a Churchman; with notes.:
      May the day-spring from on high once more visit the world in all its unadulterated affulgence, and Trinitarians, Arians, Socinians, and a thousand unscriptural denominations chaunt an unanimous Hosannah to the brightness of its rising.
    • 1830, Rev. Charles Hudson, Death in Adam - Life in Christ, page 2:
      The sun of righteousness arose, dispersed the clouds of darkness, and poured noonday affulgence into the dungeon of the tomb.
    • 1990, Nirbhai Singh, Philosophy of Sikhism: Reality and Its Manifestations, page 190:
      It is self-luminous because it shines from within and it does not derive its affulgence from external stimuli.
    • 2000, Lee Ann Sandweiss, Seeking St. Louis: Voices from a River City, 1670-2000, →ISBN, page 156:
      Night now gives place to the brightness of day, and amid its affulgence the world rolls on again to night, and each brings its incidents of life.