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From after- +‎ bear (be-er), modelled after forebear (literally fore-be-er).


afterbear (plural afterbears)

  1. A descendant; one who comes after another genealogically.
    • 1935, The Spectator:
      The first page of the Family Bible amplified and brought up to this irreverent date; sentimental, practical, witty, even scientific — yes, even psychological; a book for those who care about their forebears and their afterbears.
    • 1988, Punch:
      A teapot moulded in the form of Madonna, tastefully hand-coloured, named md dated (doubtless a century from now to be deemed to be some sort of religious vessel)? What else might we expect our afterbears to love and cherish in times to come?
    • 2009, Michael Kilby, More from Mephistopheles:
      Of the two lakes, the upper is the flood risk, the lower alder-overgrown, heterodox, once a clear expanse for winter village kids to frisk about, skating, sliding: the afterbears of silk throwsters.
    • 2011, Michael Griffith, Trophy: A Novel:
      And so, like all its forebears and afterbears, like everything but his present bear, the photo-exposé idea curled up and croaked.