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From after- +‎ brain, a loan-translation of the German Nachhirn.


afterbrain (plural afterbrains)

  1. (anatomy) A posterior subdivision of the hindbrain; the myelencephalon
    • 1904, Leonard Landois, ‎Albert Philson Brubaker, Text-book of Human Physiology:
      Below the hindbrain, in the vicinity of the afterbrain, the spinal furrow does not close, and there remains here an open passage-way to the contiguous lower portion.
    • 1961, Analog Science Fact, Science Fiction - Volume 68:
      From the evolutionary standpoint, the afterbrain will never develop if the forebrain makes all of the decisions.
    • 2001, Dennis Smith, Crystals:
      [...] Ehrlingarns call the “afterbrain”. It is where telepathy and telekinesis are controlled. Telepaths have that organ greafly enlarged. In fact, some of them have trouble with it pinching off nerve impulses between the body and the cerebrum.
    • 2012, Victoria Wells, ‎G. R. Foxall, Handbook of Developments in Consumer Behaviour:
      The division in the fore-, middle- and afterbrain is based on the development of the human brain during the embryogenesis.