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From aggrandize +‎ -able.



  1. (very rare) Capable of being made great; increasable.
    • 1958, Muhammad Sardar Khan Baluch, History of Baluch Race and Baluchistan, Process Pakistan, page 50:
      The supremacy of the various dynasties over the country depicts more of an aggrandizable character than of a permanent settlement.
    • 2004, Bruce Weber, “Ideas & Trends; It's All About Me, Especially the Ugly Parts”, in The New York Times, 2004 January 18 edition, section 4, page 12:
      Especially now, in a culture that rewards self-aggrandizement (I mean, please, Donald Trump is still a celebrity?) to such a warped degree that some people find even their most grotesquely squalid distinctions aggrandizable.
    • 2006, Yiwu Ma et al., “Bi2Ru2O7 Conductive Phase and its Effects on the Gauge Factor of Ru_based Thick-film Resistors”, in 2006 IEEE International Conference on Information Acquisition, →ISBN, page 247:
      The G.S’ aggrandizable velocity is big when Tc is relative[sic] low. But the G.S’ aggrandizable velocity is lower with Tc’s ascend.[sic]

Usage notes[edit]

  • This word, though it appears in a fair number of dictionaries, is very rarely found in actual use.