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Alternative forms[edit]


From aim +‎ -worthy.


aimworthy (comparative more aimworthy, superlative most aimworthy)

  1. Worthy of aim; worth aiming at or for.
    • 1975, Chartered Institute of Transport: Journal: Volumes 37-38:
      Simplifying of information at inner central area stations is thus aimworthy since the demand for information from staff is inversely proportional to simplicity.
    • 1982, Chris Nash, Economics of public transport:
      Obviously, there are other constraints on service levels and fares which are determined politically; also, a distinction is made between 'aim-worthy' and ' non-aimworthy' passenger miles [...]
    • 1986, Information design journal: Volumes 5-6:
      He had to assess his publicity work in terms of sales achieved per item, where possible, and improvements made where these could reasonably be expected to be 'aimworthy' [...]

Related terms[edit]