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aldehyde +‎ -ic


aldehydic (not generally comparable, comparative more aldehydic, superlative most aldehydic)

  1. (organic chemistry) Of, relating to, or being an aldehyde; having the character of an aldehyde.
    • 1957, Charles Edward Clapp, High Molecular Weight Water-Soluble Muck[1], page 13:
      The 2-deoxy derivatives were known to be more aldehydic in character and this was reflected in the higher MG values.
    • 1994, Robert R. Calkin, J. Stephan Jellinek, Perfumery: Practice and Principles, page 217,
      Here the characteristic aldehydic note is almost missing from the aldehyde, though this may be due partly to the protective influence of the side chain.
    • 1997, N. Groom (editor), New Perfume Handbook[2], page 188:
      The aldehydic top notes contain suggestions of bergamot, lemon, peach and coriander and give way to a heart based principally on rose, jasmine and orris.


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