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Inherited from Ottoman Turkish علیه (ʿaleyh), from Arabic عَلَيْهِ (ʕalayhi, upon him), form of عَلَى (ʕalā).


  • IPA(key): /aˈlejh/
  • Hyphenation: a‧leyh


aleyh (definite accusative aleyhi, plural aleyhler)

  1. (chiefly in possessive, with dative or locative) Being in opposition, contrariness or detriment to or of someone or something.
    Antonym: leh


Nominative aleyh
Definite accusative aleyhi
Singular Plural
Nominative aleyh aleyhler
Definite accusative aleyhi aleyhleri
Dative aleyhe aleyhlere
Locative aleyhte aleyhlerde
Ablative aleyhten aleyhlerden
Genitive aleyhin aleyhlerin
Possessive forms
Singular Plural
1st singular aleyhim aleyhlerim
2nd singular aleyhin aleyhlerin
3rd singular aleyhi aleyhleri
1st plural aleyhimiz aleyhlerimiz
2nd plural aleyhiniz aleyhleriniz
3rd plural aleyhleri aleyhleri
Definite accusative
Singular Plural
1st singular aleyhimi aleyhlerimi
2nd singular aleyhini aleyhlerini
3rd singular aleyhini aleyhlerini
1st plural aleyhimizi aleyhlerimizi
2nd plural aleyhinizi aleyhlerinizi
3rd plural aleyhlerini aleyhlerini
Singular Plural
1st singular aleyhime aleyhlerime
2nd singular aleyhine aleyhlerine
3rd singular aleyhine aleyhlerine
1st plural aleyhimize aleyhlerimize
2nd plural aleyhinize aleyhlerinize
3rd plural aleyhlerine aleyhlerine
Singular Plural
1st singular aleyhimde aleyhlerimde
2nd singular aleyhinde aleyhlerinde
3rd singular aleyhinde aleyhlerinde
1st plural aleyhimizde aleyhlerimizde
2nd plural aleyhinizde aleyhlerinizde
3rd plural aleyhlerinde aleyhlerinde
Singular Plural
1st singular aleyhimden aleyhlerimden
2nd singular aleyhinden aleyhlerinden
3rd singular aleyhinden aleyhlerinden
1st plural aleyhimizden aleyhlerimizden
2nd plural aleyhinizden aleyhlerinizden
3rd plural aleyhlerinden aleyhlerinden
Singular Plural
1st singular aleyhimin aleyhlerimin
2nd singular aleyhinin aleyhlerinin
3rd singular aleyhinin aleyhlerinin
1st plural aleyhimizin aleyhlerimizin
2nd plural aleyhinizin aleyhlerinizin
3rd plural aleyhlerinin aleyhlerinin

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