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Alternative forms[edit]


From Spanish alfaquí, from Arabic الفَقِيه(al-faqīh, the theologian), from فَقِهَ(faqiha, to be wise).


  • (UK) IPA(key): /alfəˈkiː/, /alfaˈkiː/


alfaqui (plural alfaquis)

  1. (historical) An Islamic cleric, an expert in Islamic law and jurisprudence, especially in medieval and early modern Spain. [from 17th c.]
    • 1632, J. Morgan, A Compleat History of the present seat of war in Africa:
      It was the Head of the Christians Alfaqui, or Priest; so they termed the Cardinal.
    • 1779, Henry Swinburne, Travels through Spain:
      The Alcayde found the prince playing at chess with an Alfaqui or priest.
    • 1852, Washington Irving, Tales from the Alhambra:
      The Court of Lions was thronged with guards and courtiers and alfaquis, as in the old times of the Moors []

Related terms[edit]



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