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alkahest +‎ -ic


alkahestic (comparative more alkahestic, superlative most alkahestic)

  1. Similar to alkahest.
    • 1951, Ira Kendrick Stephens, The hermit philosopher of Liendo, page 361:
      His intellect possesses a sort of alkahestic quality. No composite entity but breaks under his mental catalysis, and his sense of continuity seems to dissuade him from dissipating his thought into such grammatical individualities as sentences, for he ramifies his theme with clause after clause, in bewildering profusion, til a sentence extends sometimes through a score or more of lines of his book, and mental continuity well-nigh exhausts itself in wending the verbal causeway he throws across his thought.
    • 1980, Christopher Street Magazine, Aphrodisiac, page 222:
      "Look No Further for the Universal Solvent." I was manufacturing something alkahestic by the gutful, and I had to get rid of it somewhere.
    • 2006, Gene Lovell, Passing Grade, →ISBN, page 15:
      Roland Wood had already been passed over twice, so he was definitely on the lookout for that alkahestic ledger that would put him on the cutting edge of promotions.
    • 2014, Neil Baker, Occultus Liber, →ISBN, page 805:
      The back of god's T-shirt, which the opposing forces got a glimpse of just as god was about to dissolve and thereby make his extra-speedy, hasty retreat, had printed on it god's universal, alkahestic motto: Dieus le veult! ('The lord wishes it')