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altum n (genitive altī); second declension

  1. the deep, the sea


Second-declension noun (neuter).

Case Singular Plural
Nominative altum alta
Genitive altī altōrum
Dative altō altīs
Accusative altum alta
Ablative altō altīs
Vocative altum alta



  1. nominative neuter singular of altus
  2. accusative masculine singular of altus
  3. accusative neuter singular of altus
  4. vocative neuter singular of altus



  1. accusative supine of alō


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    • (ambiguous) the tide is coming in: aestus ex alto se incitat (B. G. 3.12)
    • (ambiguous) to study the commonplace: cogitationes in res humiles abicere (De Amic. 9. 32) (Opp. alte spectare, ad altiora tendere, altum, magnificum, divinum suspicere)
    • (ambiguous) what he said made a deep impression on..: hoc verbum alte descendit in pectus alicuius
    • (ambiguous) to go a long way back (in narrative): longe, alte (longius, altius) repetere (either absolute or ab aliqua re)
    • (ambiguous) to put to sea: vela in altum dare (Liv. 25. 27)
    • (ambiguous) the storm drives some one on an unknown coast: procella (tempestas) aliquem ex alto ad ignotas terras (oras) defert
    • (ambiguous) to make fast boats to anchors: naves (classem) constituere (in alto)