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From Middle English depely, deplike, deopliche, from Old English dēoplīċe (deeply, adverb), from dēoplīc (deep), equivalent to deep +‎ -ly.


  • IPA(key): /ˈdiːpli/
  • (file)
  • Hyphenation: deep‧ly


deeply (comparative more deeply or (rare) deeplier, superlative most deeply or (rare) deepliest)

  1. To a deep extent or degree; very greatly.
    I am deeply concerned about this matter.
    I deeply regret my behaviour.
  2. So as to extend far down or far into something.
    The surface of the planet was deeply cratered.
  3. At depth.
    In this part of the river salmon swim deeply.
  4. In a profound, not superficial, manner.
    I thought deeply about the problem.
  5. In large volume.
    breathe deeply, drink deeply
  6. (in relation to sleep) Soundly; so as to be hard to rouse.
  7. (of flavour, colour, etc.) Richly.
    a deeply flavoured curry
    • 1968, Carl Ruhen, The Key Club, Scripts, page 12:
      Her deeply hennaed hair, almost black at the roots, straggled loosely down both sides of her long face.


  • (certain senses): deep (adverb)


Some adjectives commonly collocating with deeply

deeply divided
deeply in debt
deeply ashamed
deeply concerned
, ,
deeply sorry

Some verbs commonly collocating with deeply

deeply apologise
deeply regret


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