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From Middle High German tief, tiuf, from Old High German tiuf, from Proto-Germanic *deupaz, from Proto-Indo-European *dʰéwbus. Compare Low German deep, Dutch diep, English deep, Danish dyb, Norwegian dyp, Icelandic djúpur.



tief ‎(comparative tiefer, superlative am tiefsten)

  1. deep (also figuratively)
    Wie tief ist das Wasser?
    How deep is the water?
    Sie hat ein tiefes Verständnis der russischen Kultur.
    She has a deep understanding of Russian culture.
  2. low
    Du hast das Bild zu tief gehängt.
    You hung the picture too low.

Usage notes[edit]

German niedrig is a more generally applicable translation of English "low". Tief can cover the meaning of niedrig in many contexts, but not vice versa.


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