am I right or am I right

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am I right or am I right?

  1. (colloquial, rhetorical question) Alternative form of am I right
    • 1974, William Goldman, Marathon Man (Delacorte Press) [1]
      And next to Rosa is Mont Charre, which is great, but just a hair less great than Rosa, am I right or am I right?
    • 1988, The Singing Detective, episode 3
      There are songs to sing, there are feelings to feel, there are thoughts to think. That makes three things, and you can't do three things at the same time. The singing is easy, syrup in my mouth, and the thinking comes with the tune, so that leaves only the feelings. Am I right, or am I right? I can sing the singing. I can think the thinking. But you're not going to catch me feeling the feeling. No, sir.
    • 1988, Salman Rushdie, The Satanic Verses
      What I love about this country is that: its genius. Greatest inventors in the world. It's beautiful: am I right or am I right?
    • 1993, Groundhog Day
      Do you have life insurance, Phil? Because if you do, you could always use a little more, right? I mean, who couldn't? But you wanna know something? I got the feeling ... [whistles] ... you ain't got any. Am I right or am I right? Or am I right? Am I right?
    • 1999, Gordon Lish, "Aubade", Salmagundi, No. 121/122 (Winter-Spring 1999), p. 201
      You take your ileum as Wallace Stevens/and you take my ileum/as Gordon Lish,/am I right or am I right?