ambient findability

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ambient findability (uncountable)

  1. (information science, Internet) The property of being findable at all times.
    • 2006, Adam Greenfield, Everyware: the dawning age of ubiquitous computing, page 92:
      I mean to assert, rather, that everyware, the regime of ambient informatics it gives rise to, and the condition of ambient findability they together entrain, will have significant and meaningful impact on the way you live your life [...]
    • 2007, Kevin Potts, Web Design and Marketing Solutions for Business Websites, Apress, →ISBN, page 286:
      This influence is exerted from conscious, proactive effort. Companies must aggressively pursue ambient findability, the art and science of promoting their domain through organic means.
    • 2007, Diane Kresh, The whole digital library handbook, page 258:
      These are just a few of the signposts along the road to ambient findability, [...]

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