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Possibly from a Vulgar Latin *ammatīre, from Late Latin mattus (drunk, intoxicated), from Latin madidus or *maditus, from madere (be wet) (cf. Italian ammattire (to go crazy, insane), matto (insane, mad, crazy)). Alternatively, from a Vulgar Latin root *ammatteāre (with a later change of conjugation in Romanian; compare Italian ammazzare (to kill), Spanish mazar), from *mattea (club, mace, mallet, heavy stick, etc.), whence Romanian măciucă (with a diminutive suffix), Italian mazza, Spanish maza. The original meaning in the Romanian word was probably "to hit, smack, beat senseless" (with a weapon such as a club), which then may have evolved into its current one of "to stun, make dizzy", while in Italian this became "to kill"[1].


a ameți (third-person singular present amețește, past participle amețit4th conj.

  1. to make dizzy, flustered, intoxicated, stun
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