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ana- +‎ galactic


anagalactic (not comparable)

  1. Outside of our own galaxy.
    • 1936, Miscellaneous papers on nebulae - Volume 3, page 409:
      The velocity of the Sun relative to the 44 anagalactic objects, for which data exist, is generally found to be about twice as large as the velocity relative to the 18 globular clusters.
    • 1982, Robert W. Smith, The Expanding Universe: Astronomy's 'Great Debate', 1900-1931, →ISBN:
      Shapley was not so opposed to the hypothesis as I had expected, but, of course, he believes in "supra-galaxies' [sic], i.e. he thinks that the Milky Way forms a system of higher order than the ordinary anagalactic objects.
    • 2003, Lis Harris, Tilting at Mills, →ISBN:
      Winson tried to put a good face on the fact that Lin's design occupied a place in the company's consciousness about as remote as an anagalactic nebula.