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anathemise (third-person singular simple present anathemises, present participle anathemising, simple past and past participle anathemised)

  1. Alternative form of anathemize
    • 1776, Andrew Marvell, Edward Thompson, The works of Andrew Marvell, esq:
      Would you anathemise, banish, imprison, execute us, and burn our books ?
    • 1778, The Old Fashion Farmer's Motives for Leaving the Church of England and Embracing the Roman Catholic Faith, page 60:
      One of these once asserted in my hearing that papists were guilty of idolatry, because they prayed to images, and asked favours of them: and if they had done so, he might very justly have called them idolaters, but as they abhor all such pračtices, and anathemise those who are guilty of them, nothing but ignorance can excuse that person from being guilty of slander, and defamation.
    • 2012, Bruce Rimell, A Cognitive and Anthropological Response to the 'Death' of Painting:
      Painting is self-evidently not dead, nor finished, nor exhausted, nor passe/, any more than the array of inferential cognitive styles and evolved propensities from which it springs have suddenly ceased to function, and if there is a flow within contemporary art that seeks to suffocate it or otherwise anathemise it, then it is only in the name of an implicitly political and self-cutting ideology maintained with the same force as an organised religion, but without the attendant deep experiential truths.