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From andro- +‎ -logist.


andrologist (plural andrologists)

  1. (medicine) A person who studies andrology.
    • 1986, Emil Steinberger, G. Frajese, Anna Steinberger (editors), Reproductive Medicine, page 493,
      Dr. Schirren: The members of this round table keep on speaking about urologists and gynecologists but you never mention andrologists.
    • 2001, Vivien Marx, The Semen Book, Free Association Books, page 29,
      It may not be easy to find an andrologist or get an appointment with one. Women can call a gynecologist for routine check-ups, but it is not the same with andrologists.
    • 2002, M. Sara Rosenthal, The Fertility Sourcebook, McGraw Hill Professional, page 29,
      Male infertility specialists are either andrologists (M.D.s or Ph.D. scientists specializing in male fertility and in assisted reproductive technology) or urologists (doctors who specialize in male and female urinary tract problems but are particularly knowledgeable about penis and testicle "design"). Many urologists are also andrologists.


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