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anemo- +‎ -metre


anemometre (plural anemometres)

  1. (nonstandard and now largely obsolete) Alternative form of anemometer
    • 1877, The Shamrock, Volume 15, page 297,
      It has been found, however, that the anemometre, or airmeasurer, can be so adjusted that after a few revolutions it releases a spring [] .
    • 1883, American Tract Society, Illustrated Family Christian Almanac for the United States, page 25,
      Few people perhaps could tell if asked what an anemometre is.
    • 2005, Brian Mac Aongusa, Broken Rails: Crashes and Sabotage on Irish Railways, page 156,
      The government suggested that two anemometres should be erected to control traffic during storms.


Norwegian Bokmål[edit]

Alternative forms[edit]


anemometre n

  1. indefinite plural of anemometer