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animadversive (not comparable)

  1. (archaic) Having the ability to perceive; percipient.
    • 1642, Henry More, “The Immortal Soul”, in A platonick song of the soul[1]:
      If soul were the material form of the body, it would be no better than the lower "Mundane sprite," which has no animadversive power either.
  2. Critical or characterized by disapproval.
    • 1843, "City Election," Punch, vol. 5, p. 181:
      The disgraceful conduct of the Returning Officer for the City of London Election has been the subject of animadversive conversation in our own particular circle.
    • 1863, George Pound, "Reading Branch: President's Address," British Medical Journal, vol. 2, p. 33:
      The conduct of the medical practioner was denounced by one of the jurors as "mercenary"; and a special verdict, animadversive of the practice (if it be a practice) was entered.

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