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annex +‎ -ure


annexure (countable and uncountable, plural annexures)

  1. (Can we verify(+) this sense?) The process of annexing; annexation.
    • 1986, D. L. Carey Miller, The acquisition and protection of ownership, page 17:
      Avulsio is the increase in extent of land bounded by water, through the annexure of land disannexed elsewhere by violent natural causes.
    • 2009, Maduka E. Agbodike, Colonial Conspiracies in Africa, →ISBN, page 254:
      Plundering, raiding and annexure of other weaker nations have become survival normality and we seem to accept these as part of life.
    • 2015, Derek Trevor Rowswell, The History of Gragorgix, →ISBN:
      I doubt if there'll be much opposition to my annexure of the throne!
    • 2015, Dr Nicolas Kenny & ‎Dr Rebecca Madgin, Cities Beyond Borders, →ISBN, page 134:
      C. Rajagopan's The Greater Bombay: A Study in Suburban Ecology (Bombay: Popular Book depot, 1962) is one study, especially interesting as it was undertaken in the immediate aftermath of the annexure of Salsette to Bombay and thus offers a contemporary perspective.
  2. (Can we verify(+) this sense?) Something annexed.
    • 1961, George Wille, Principles of South African Law:
      ...other hand buildings without foundations,sheds, windmills, railway lines, and all fixtures or annexures to buildings, are movable unless their owner intended that they should be permanently annexed.
    • 1980, The Bombay Law Reporter: Reports - Volume 82, page 184:
      While determining the quantum of such return on the investments, the cost incurred for the building, as it is, with all the existing annexures intended for the better enjoyment of the premises themselves, shall have to be taken into account.
    • 2011, Kabir Hassan & ‎Michael Mahlknecht, Islamic Capital Markets: Products and Strategies, →ISBN:
      This implication is supported by other provisions of the Mortgage Law, such as the provision that makes the mortgage effective against all annexures to the mortgaged property (such as buildings, plants, services, constructions, and modifications), expressly including those coming into being subsequent to the mortgage deed, unless the mortgagor or and the mortgagee otherwise agree.
    • 2015, Frederique Dahan, Research Handbook on Secured Financing in Commercial Transactions, →ISBN:
      The Saudi Arabian law regarding annexures is that a charge is effective against all annexures to the charged property (for example, buildings, plants, services, constructions and modifications), expressly including those that come into being subsequent to the rahn deed, unless the chargor and chargee otherwise agree.
  3. (especially India) An appendix or attachment to a document.
    • 1989, Nagendra Singh, The Role and Record of the International Court of Justice, page xiv:
      This aspect of the publication appears in one of the annexures at the end of the lectures.
    • 2001, Case Studies on the Allocation of Transferable Quota Rights in Fisheries, number 411, Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations:
      In addition a comprehensive set of annexures had to be submitted with each application that included the following []
    • 2006, Braja Bihārī Kumāra, Illegal Migration from Bangladesh, page xvii:
      The reports of the seminars and their recommendations are included in the annexures of the book. The population data and other relevant information are also given in the annexures.
    • 2013, John Levingston, The Law of Affidavits, page 99:
      An affidavit may refer to and identify documents and other things which are part of the evidence-in-chief of a witness. These are referred to variously as annexures or exhibits. A neutral term used here for annexures and exhibits is 'attachment'.





  1. vocative masculine singular of annexūrus