ant cricket

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an ant-cricket (Myrmecophilus acervorum)


ant cricket (plural ant crickets)

  1. Any of various small insects of the family Myrmecophilidae that live commensally with ants.
    • 1911 February 1, William M. Mann, “Notes on the guests of somee Californian ants”, in Psyche, volume 18, page 28:
      The Californian ant-cricket, Myrmecophila formicarum Scudder occurs in practically every nest.
    • 2005, David Grimaldi, Evolution of the Insects, page 209:
      Grylloidea contains the familiar crickets (Gryllidae) as well as the mole crickets (Gryllotalpidae) and ant crickets (Myrmecophilidae). Each of these families have a worldwide distribution, but only the gryllids are of any significant diversity.

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