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anthropopœia (uncountable)

  1. Obsolete form of anthropopeia.
    • 1852, M. Lordat (author), Stanhope Templeman Speer (translator), Mental Dynamics, in Relation to the Science of Medicine, in the Journal of Psychological Medicine and Mental Pathology (edited by Forbes Winslow), volume 5, page 392
      These laws, not to be compared, indeed, with those of nature in general, are the subject of a special department in human physiology. They can only be known and reduced to anything like precision, by acquiring exact notions respecting the anatomy, psychology, and biology of man, and consequently, after having accurately distinguished the two elements of the human dynamism. The code of this association is what we denominate, anthropopœia; a science essentially medical, intimately connected with moral principles, and having no equivalent in comparative physiology.