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antizionist (comparative more antizionist, superlative most antizionist)

  1. Rare spelling of anti-Zionist.
    • 2013, Laurence J. Silberstein, The Postzionism Debates, page 211:
      Aronoff defines as antizionist “those groups that reject all aspects of the Zionist civil religion and deny even de-facto recognition of the right of Israel to exist as an independent state.
    • 2012, e-mail with David Turner of the Jerusalem Post, published in 2013 by Jonas E. Alexis, in Christianity and Rabbinic Judaism, page 541:
      You do seem somewhat more open than most engaged in what I see as your antisemitic/antizionist agenda.
    • 1997, a German text translated in Germano-slavica, volume 10, issue 1, page 33
      His need is to help people in the manner of a born doctor; he is antizionist [translating antizionistisch] and Jesus and Dostoevsky are his leaders.
    • 2005, Yitzchak Kerem, The 1999 Shiraz libel: the commandment of redeeming prisoners : a diary : a collection of the activities for the release of the 13 prisoners in Shiraz, Iran, March 1999-February 2003:
      Moreover, it has proven pointless dealing with the justiciary officials, all of whom are rabidly antizionist fundamentalist clerics [so much for political correctness;

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