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apartment +‎ mate


apartmentmate (plural apartmentmates)

  1. (rare) Someone who shares an apartment.
    • 1972, Charles Vert Willie & Arline Sakuma McCord, Black Students at White Colleges, Praeger, page 32:
      Althea reports that her white apartmentmate immediately left her company, whoem she was entertaining in another section of the apartment, took out the garbage, brought up the vacuum cleaner and began [...].
    • 1991 Spring, Catharine Savage Brosnan, "On husbandry", Sewanee Review, vol. 99 issue 2, page 248:
      My apartmentmate at the old Rice Institute was the first woman ever to be graduated there with a mechanical engineering degree []
    • 2002, NYU School of Law Department of Residence Services, 2002-2003 Lottery Application and Instructions:
      If you wish to choose your apartmentmates, you must do so when submitting your Housing Application []

Usage notes[edit]

In the UK, the usual term is flatmate; in the US, it is roommate (whether they share a bedroom or not).