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aphorist (plural aphorists)

  1. A person who writes or recites aphorisms.
    • 1873, J. Muir, Original Sanskrit Texts on the Origin and History of the People of India[1], volume 3, second edition, page 110:
      Leaving the reader to study the details of the discussion in Dr. Ballantyne's aphorisms of the Nyāya (Part Second, pp. 77 ff.), I will pass over most of the Sūtras, and merely quote the principal conclusions of the Nyāya aphorist.
    • 1987, Richard T. Gray, Constructive Destruction: Kafka's Aphorisms: Literary Tradition and Literary Transformation[2]:
      In the examination of the revisions which these texts underwent, we have stolen a rare glance into the interior of the workshop of the aphorist.
    • 1998, George C. Schoolfield, A History of Finland's Literature[3], page 142:
      His natural form of expression was the aphorism; he is one of the best aphorists of his time and in Finnish literature.