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From Arctic +‎ -ize.


arcticize (third-person singular simple present arcticizes, present participle arcticizing, simple past and past participle arcticized)

  1. (transitive) To prepare for Arctic weather; to winterize.
    • 1944, Modern Plastics, volume 22, page 109:
      Whether the field is in the Far North or close to the Equator, the canvas covering offers full protection, for the material is not only processed against the ravages of fire, mildew and rotting but given an arcticizing treatment which keeps it flexible at 40° below zero.
    • 1949, Collier's, volume 123, page 42:
      So far as "arcticizing" man is concerned, clothing is the hardest problem of all.
    • 1960, Alistair MacLean, Night Without End, page 65:
      We have the prefabricated wooden sides and top that we need to arcticize it, plus the bunks and portable stove, but it will take several hours.
    • 2015, Adam Lajeunesse, Lock, Stock, and Icebergs: A History of Canada’s Arctic Maritime Sovereignty, page 47:
      Fortunately, the RCN carrier Magnificent had been “arcticized,” although this meant only that it had had its working and living quarters prepared for low-temperature operations.

Derived terms[edit]