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arkeologist (plural arkeologists)

  1. Someone who studies the story of Noah's Ark, particularly by searching for physical evidence which would corroborate it.
    • 2000, Bob Rickard and John Michell, Unexplained Phenomena: Mysteries and Curiosities of Science, Folklore and Superstition, chapter 7, page 182:
      The most successful arkeologist of his time was Fernand Navarra, whose record was published in French in 1956 and in English in 1974 under the title Noah's Ark: I Touched It!
    • 2013, Steve Jones, The Serpent's Promise: The Bible Retold as Science:
      Those who search—often obsessively—for it are known as ‘Arkeologists’. … Geologists are bored and irritated by the Arkeologists for Ararat has a remarkable history of its own. … An eminent Arkeologist, a Dr Allen Roberts, armed with a degree in Christian Education from Florida's Freedom University, once sought funds in Australia to excavate the possible remains of Noah's lifeboat.
    • 2013, Jerome Clark, Unexplained!: Strange Sightings, Incredible Occurrences, and Puzzling Physical Phenomena, 3rd edition:
      Unfortunately, the inflated pronouncements of “arkeologists,” as they are called, have proven to be neither accurate nor trustworthy.