armpit fart

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armpit fart (plural armpit farts)

  1. (slang) A simulation of the sound of flatulence made by creating a pocket of air between the armpit of a partially raised arm and the hand, and then swiftly closing this pocket by bringing the arm close to the torso.
    • Beth L. Blair, Jennifer A. Ericsson, The Everything Kids' Gross Puzzle and Activity Book: Hours of Disgusting Fun (2005): p. 47:
      Here are a few suggestions: The Classic Armpit Fart: Put the open palm of your right hand under your left armpit. Cup the hand slightly. Now flap your left arm up and down, and squeeze the air, and fart noises, out from under your palm.
    • Yvonne Collins, Sandy Rideout, Totally Me!: The Teenage Girl's Survival Guide (2004) p. 47:
      Why say it with a single rose when they can say it instead with some armpit farts in class?
    • Mark Costello, Big If (2002) p. 141:
      A tort reformer showed him how to armpit-fart.
    • Camilla Reghelini Rivers, Off the Wall (2001) p. 15:
      Of course he didn't listen, he just got louder — punctuating each line with an armpit fart.