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From Proto-Basque *aRano, itself borrowed a from a Celtic language,[1] compare Irish rámh. Ultimately from the Proto-Indo-European root *h₁reh₁-.


  • IPA(key): /arau̯n/, [a.rãũ̯n]


arraun inan

  1. oar (lever used to propel a boat)
  2. (sports) rowing


Declension of arraun (inanimate, ending in consonant)
indefinite singular plural
absolutive arraun arrauna arraunak
ergative arraunek arraunak arraunek
dative arrauni arraunari arraunei
genitive arraunen arraunaren arraunen
comitative arraunekin arraunarekin arraunekin
causative arraunengatik arraunarengatik arraunengatik
benefactive arraunentzat arraunarentzat arraunentzat
instrumental arraunez arraunaz arraunez
inessive arraunetan arraunean arraunetan
locative arraunetako arrauneko arraunetako
allative arraunetara arraunera arraunetara
terminative arraunetaraino arrauneraino arraunetaraino
directive arraunetarantz arraunerantz arraunetarantz
destinative arraunetarako arraunerako arraunetarako
ablative arraunetatik arraunetik arraunetatik
partitive arraunik
prolative arrauntzat

Derived terms[edit]


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Further reading[edit]

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