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arthritic +‎ -ally


arthritically (comparative more arthritically, superlative most arthritically)

  1. In an arthritic fashion: in a way that is characteristic of a person with arthritis
    • 1989 October 20, Albert Williams, “The Butter and Egg Man”, in Chicago Reader[1]:
      As Lehman, Breuler is sluggish, coarse, and lumpy, huffing and puffing his way arthritically about the stage like some 1930s crime-movie heavy.
    • 2008, Steven Sills, An Apostate: Nawin of Thais[2]:
      But as time went by the inert human creature became so wholly opprobrious to the gecko, who valued a good hunt, that at last, as the small ceiling fan continued to turn arthritically, churning an unnoticeable, fetid draft of warm air in the direction of the man and the beast [] .