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ashame (third-person singular simple present ashames, present participle ashaming, simple past and past participle ashamed)

  1. (transitive, rare) To make ashamed; to shame.
    • 1740, The Gentleman's Magazine and Historical Chronicle, Sylvanus Urban (ed.), vol 10, p. 245 (Google preview):
      I am young Woman indifferently well brought up in the Country, and might raise my fortune considerably had I not got such a Habit of Sweating, which quite ashames me, when in Company.
    • 1860, Frederic W. Farrar, Julian Home: A Tale of College Life, p. 99 (Google preview):
      The notice annoyed and ashamed him.
    • 1983, Kenya National Assembly Official Record (Hansard) Oct 18 - Dec 1, p. 399 (Google preview):
      If it is one Minister who has done it he has ashamed us all and the title "Minister" will not be respected anymore.
    • 2009, Steve Scott, Insiders - Outsiders, →ISBN, pp. 36-37 (Google preview):
      They would think that I had abandoned them, that I could not handle the stress and pressure and this ashamed me immensely.
    • 2013 Sept. 24, Sudarsan Raghavan, "Kenyan officials say Nairobi mall siege is over," Washington Post (retrieved 30 Sept 2013):
      “As a nation, our head is bloodied but unbowed,” Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta said in a televised address, declaring three days of mourning. “We have ashamed and defeated our attackers.”


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