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From Ancient Greek ἀστράγαλος (astrágalos) +‎ -mancy.


astragalomancy (uncountable)

  1. Divination by dice made from huckle-bones. They have four flat sides and two round sides which were marked.
  2. Divination by throwing astragaloi (see etymology above) onto the pages of a picture book.
  3. Simply divination by dice.


  • ""kinde of divination by the opening of a booke at all adventures..." He adds, "I shall omit to speak here of astragalomancy, that was done with huckle bones; ceromancy, and all other such like fooleries." -- E. Chilmead in Brand Popular Antiquities, Dr. Ferrand, in his Love Melancholy, 1640
  • "ASTRAGALOMANCY or ASTRAGYROMANCY: Divination with dice, ranging from crude bones with primitive markings to cubes bearing spots, letters, or cabalistic symbols, all interpreted by the bone caster." -- Gibson Complete Illust. Bk Div. & Prophecy, 1973
  • "Astragalomancy: Today this is a form of divination using two dice, but originally a pair of astragals (probably the left and right ankle-bones of a sheep) would have been used." -- Complete Bk Predictions, 1983


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