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From ā̆stūtus (cunning, full of tricks) +‎ -ia. First attested in Plautus and as aastvtieis in 3d to 2nd century B.C.E. Falerii, with what appears to be a practice of marking long vowels also observed in a nearby inscription.[1]



ā̆stūtia f (genitive ā̆stūtiae); first declension

  1. cunning, craftiness, cleverness, shrewdness (adeptness at using tricks)
  2. a cunning trick, stratagem


First-declension noun.

Case Singular Plural
Nominative ā̆stūtia ā̆stūtiae
Genitive ā̆stūtiae ā̆stūtiārum
Dative ā̆stūtiae ā̆stūtiīs
Accusative ā̆stūtiam ā̆stūtiās
Ablative ā̆stūtiā ā̆stūtiīs
Vocative ā̆stūtia ā̆stūtiae


  • Catalan: astúcia
  • French: astuce
  • Galician: astucia
  • Italian: astuzia
  • Portuguese: astúcia
  • Spanish: astucia


  1. ^ CIL I2 364, a votive tablet by the Guild of Faliscan Cooks; vootum in CIL I2 365

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