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auto- +‎ buffet


autobuffet (plural autobuffets)

  1. (dated, Britain, rare) A railway vending machine selling food items.
    • 1954, Vending Machines (in Billboard, January 16, 1954, page 71)
      PRR Unveils New Auto-Buffet Coach
    • 1963, Research Institute for Consumer Affairs (London, England), Essays & enquiries (issues 1-12, page 22)
      At Waterloo, at 1 a.m., an attendant was available to give change for the autobuffet (the machine for change was out of order), [] The autobuffet at Paddington was doing good business at 2 a.m., but again the change machine was out of order.
    • 2009, "Roy Badami", Re: Oh for an integrated railway (on newsgroup uk.railway)
      I can't remember now where I saw an autobuffet sign quite recently.